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eVintageLife provides multi-currency for your payment and you can choose to pay in US Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, AU Dollars, Euros, British Pounds,  Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen, Indonesian Rupiah, Mexican Peso, Philippines Peso, Singapore Dollar and  Taiwan Currency.

eVintageLife accept all credit card payment via paypal.


PayPal- use your credit card with PayPal, the fastest, easiest way to buy from eVintageLife! You will be directed to the PayPal site and our system will automatically register your payment and send a confirmation to your email.

Once we have received your payment,  we will send you an email for confirmation .Our auto-mails may be sorted as a spam; please check in your spam folder.

If you still did not receive the email after 2 days since payment, please contact our customer service team via email: sales@evinlife.com

Please contact sales@evinlife.com , if you would like have any enquiry regarding to payment options.


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