How to check shipping fee for oversea customer?


For Oversea customer, how to check the shipping charge ?Please check below table for your reference.



Ship by Weight

ECMS Express (USD Dollar) 

Dollar amount depends on check out currency

below 1kg  - 1 kg US$15
1kg - 2kg US$25
2kg- 3kg US$45
3kg - 4kg  US$55
4kg - 5kg  US$65
5kg  - 6 kg US$75
6kg - 7kg  US$85
7kg - 8kg US$95
8kg - 9kg US$105
9kg -10kg US$115
10kg -11kg  US$125
11kg -12kg US$135
12kg-13kg US$145
13kg-14kg US$155
14kg-15kg US$165
15kg-16kg US$175
16kg -17kg US$185
17kg-18kg US$195
18kg-19kg US$205
19kg-20kg US$210


How to check check the estimated shipping fee for ship by weight product?