14112018 Travel Wallet with Mobile Charger

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Expected release date is 30th Nov 2018

Product Overview

Color: oak-wood / carbon fiber 


Product specifications
Size: 8.1′′ X 5.5′′ X 0.5′′ Weight: approx. 125 g
Origin: Canada

Electricity: 4000 Mah



When the customs clearance, different documents are left and right? When I got to the plane, did I find that the telephone was good? Is it good to have a boarding pass, an entry form, etc? This plain leather to make the ID card set, which is more durable and light, only about 0.5′′ thickness, it will not be in the way. It is built-in ultra-book mobile power supply, it is more convenient to travel, and it is not afraid of phone shortage anytime, anywhere. You don't need to carry a "diet bag" anymore! Anti-theft RFID protective cover design, you can rest assured that important documents are placed in the ID card when you travel, not afraid of personal data being stolen!

Creative place
* Multiple intervals for easy storage of different cards and documents
* Made of plain leather / carbon fiber
* Slim design, storing a few things will not be thick
* The thickness of the ID card is only 0.5吋
* Anti-theft RFID case, safely store important small items
* 3-in-1 wire plug for different electronic products
* Built-in ultra-thin mobile power (4000mah)
* Elastic buckle, earphones, wires are not afraid of winding
* Four card slot and coin access grid
* Quality assurance through TSA testing































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